• Field Radar Inspect

    Digitize and automate your Inspections, Audits, and Surveys on the ground. Watch your metrics update in realtime on the customized dashboards.

  • Onboard Field Radar Inspect and get the Benefits  

    The numbers speak for them self, we would be happy to serve you


    Increased Utilization Rates of inspectors on ground

    > 60 min

    Saved each day on field reports per Admin

    > 90%​

    Elimination of Paper work on the field and office


    Decrease on missed scheduled visits

  • Field Inspections & Audit

    Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) standards & compliance can make it or break for many businesses, including many of our clients. Field Radar empowers QHSE-aware organizations and specialized practitioners with powerful tools to achieve controlled, documented and proper information flow of reports, inspection orders, and compliance. Through features like custom templates and automated workflows, operators can:


    • Digitize their inspection orders scheduling/dispatching and field reporting (to/from mobiles). 
    • Automate their organizational workflows (like escalation plan or approval procedure) and communications
    • Build custom monitoring and analytics dashboard for full visibility over current compliance status and leading risk indicators to design and execute informed corrective and preventive measures.
  • Supercharge data gathering from the field

    Digitize all your information directly from the field, and monitor the workforce in realtime

    Mobile & Reporting

    Keep your workforce Connected

    Replace inefficient paper-based processes with mobile forms. Service workers use the mobile app to complete, conduct and submit quality inspections in real-time.


    Pre-schedule visits

    Schedule all the visits on the command center, and the work force will receive notifications on what task are to be done, where and when.

    Tracking & Positioning

    Know who is where when

    Improve visibility with live maps that show the real-time location of service providers. Optimize service delivery with heat maps that show where providers are spending time.

    Real-time Dashboards

    Get your reports with a click of a button

    With customized dashboards get access to charted inspection reports. Generate all information in the format of choice whether its PDF or Excel.

  • Testimonial


    "Digitizing reports and enabling command centers to orchestrate their on-field workforce reduces the unnecessary time of going through paperwork and time of communication giving rise to focusing at the task at hand. " -- Mustafa Hassan

  • How It Works

    Nestrom's team utilizes the state of the art Cloud and IoT integrations to deliver an exceptional high availably service

    Mobile Application

    The mobile Application has a wide range of features to support your on-ground team and the command center

    • Login and start users shift through facial recognition 
    • GPS, Beacon and Wifi Positioning running in the  background 
    • Check into a location or asset through QR Code or Proximity sensors
    • See all tasks and inspection requests due with a single click 
    • Access all SOPs for received tasks before starting them 
    • Start, Pause Complete tasks from mobile 
    • Fill out customized forms from the mobile application with checklists, photos, signatures, and much more 
    • Receive notifications from central for each action required 
    • Rich chat features for transparent cross-communication between the team and central 
    • Access assets' & locations' manuals & blueprints with a click of a button 
    • Provide navigation support for the user to reach task destination 
    • Use the mobile for a single user or as a pool device for different users per shift 
    • Report exceptions with a customized form providing all critical information 

    Command Center

    The Command Center is a web application that allows the back office to easily dispatch the workforce, provide them with work orders and inspection requests. You can also see where your team is at any given time.

    Access and activity feed to see real-time information on what is happening on the field.


    • Access the users' positions on the map in real-time 
    • Get a first glance view of tasks' statuses with charts and web badges 
    • See an activity list of all information flowing from the field to the office 
    • Create work orders on the fly, scheduled tasks or repetitive tasks and dispatch to a user or a role
    • Access submitted task forms and download them in Excel or PDF 
    • Get customized dashboards to monitor your most important metric
    • Understand your workforces' shifts with a time and attendance reports 
    • Access historical movement from GPS for each shift per user 
    • Receive Sensors, Machines, BMS and 3rd party software alerts as work orders ready for approval to dispatch directly 

    The Engine

    • Enable your back office with an online web application to manage work orders, tasks, schedules, inspections, and audits 
    • Integrate 3rd party software, sensors, BMS and machines to generate actionable work orders from alerts 
    • Apply workflows to your work orders to execute your business process properly
    • Provide your field teams with low-cost Android devices to report back completed tasks, locations, and findings 
    • Generate customized reports to meet your requirements and monitor your KPIs 
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